Property Prices in England

Property Prices in England

When is the madness of the cost of housing going to stop rising? Is it ever? How fast will next years rises be happening and by how much?

As demand increases for housing in the surrounding regions to our Hertfordshire based offices so does the price of the housing itself. In Hertfordshire the rental prices and demand has also been going up. So this means Hertfordshire property rentals are also experiencing a strong rise which some say will continue through 2014.

It seems like the market is going to carry on rapidly rising. The demand for housing in Greater London has rocketed and there is soon to be a new influx of people from the EU heading to London, all needing to rent property…….further demand.

The governments Right To Buy scheme has further fuelled the buyers out there. To a point where it has been reporting that there are 6 serious offers on each property that comes onto the sales market.

It will be very interesting to see what pans out in other the rentals and sales market for UK housing.

Economists seem to be fairly certain its going to keep going up.

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